Blk 2 Jessie B.
The mutualism between the impala lamp & the oxpecker are that they both benefit from each other, but mostly the oxpecker. This is because it gets rid of the hosts ticks and parasites but it also feeds on blood of an opened wound and aggravates the healing process. Although it has been shown that they are know fpr keeping the wounds clean and prevents bacteria from infecting.
Commensalism between a shark and a sucker-fish is that the sucker-fish lives on the shark. It's dorsal fin is modified as a sucker to suck onto the shark. The sucker-fish may be small but it does not benefit the shark, but it does envoy the protection and the scraps formed as the shark devours it's prey.
The fish tongue parasite is a parasite that eats the tongue of a fish then becomes the tongue of the fish.
This is a competition between hyenas and a lion that involves the lions prey (food).
The predation is where the consumer the fox is striking on their prey, in this case it's the squirrel.